Telkom Indonesia-Aarkstore Enterprise

  • March 19, 2012

Telkom Indonesia has seen strong subscriber growth but has found it hard to convert that into revenue growth due to intense competition. To compensate, it is looking for growth in ‘new-wave’ business within Indonesia HTML clipboard Table of Contents : Executive summary In a nutshell Ovum view SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats External conditions Competitive environment Strategy Strategic objectives Operational analysis Telkomsel Fixed service Broadband (Speedy) Future outlook Company information Organisation Financial highlights Segmental financial analysis List of Tables Table 1: Telkom Indonesia operational analysis Table 2: Telkomsel Indonesia: MoU and ARPU Table 3: Telkom Indonesia financial highlights Table 4: Telecom Indonesia: segmental revenue breakdown List of Figures Figure 1: Telkom Indonesia structure We specialize in providing online market business information on market research reports, books, magazines, conference booking at competitive prices, and strive to provide excellent and innovative service to our customers. We are built on the premise that reading is valuable, capable of stirring emotions and firing the imagination


Why Blackberry Is So Popular In Indonesia

  • June 29, 2010

The Blackberry smartphone has become increasingly popular especially in Indonesia The number of blackberry users has more than doubled within the past year of 2009 Unlike other parts of the world where Blackberry smartphones are used in corporations for corporate use and mainly as BES ?€“ Blackberry Enterprise Solution for work, the Blackberry smartphones are commonly used by the young as well in Indonesia for leisure activities such as for social networking especially with Facebook, Twitter and the Blackberry Messenger service. Most users in Indonesia are subscribed to BIS ?€“ Blackberry Internet Service instead of BES in other parts of the world. The reason for the popularity of Blackberry In Indonesia can also be due to the fact that Indonesia operators are one of the first in the world to introduce prepaid services including daily and weekly rates as cheap as Rp5000 (by XL) per day which is around USD 0.55 per day for unlimited Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) package