Why Emojis Aren’t As Bad As You Think

What are Emojis? Japan is a symbol and a catalyst of change when it comes to the engagement with the progressing and well-equipped numbers of industries within the country. It represents the idea of being on the top of the line where progress and increasing elegance govern the modern world. It is more than difficult to stay in touch with the updates regarding the new terminologies that are being utilized in the society, especially in cellphones. These new terms that are introduced have become even part of the English language subsequently. Mediocre, common and rare words have already been subjugated to the dictionaries to be read by the latest generation. Emojis are the cool discoveries being endorsed by the newest technology from Japan. Kaomoji or the face letter is one of the underlying consequences of the emojis which is really loved by gadget users as of today’s statistics would show. The kaomoji introduced in most cellphone units are certainly exquisite as it converse with the other end users through the use of symbol characters other than the alphabetic and numeral characters. Cat smiley is one of the most used kaomoji character according to the smartphone users. The emoticons are best used to further your intention and converse with a person as of the moment or even not. Wink smiley is also best to use aside from a cat smiley when trying to portray genuine intentions of feelings to a person closed to you, person you love by means of texting them or replying to them in a smartphone text or message.
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Kaomoji had been really a success for most smartphone users as it had been wwell-recognized not only by users but the entire industry as well. When the Kaomoji was treated accordingly with love and respect from end users, another Emojis have been born across the line. Emojis are also known as picture letters which is not that far from the concept of Kaomoji/ These emojis are used when texting or sending an email to your colleagues or loved ones so there must always have an attached key representing for the picture letters. Such emoticons or emojis are easily produced when you download hundreds of them from a playstore or directly from an application. The emojis are truly controlling the communication system as it always appeared everywhere even when you are just reading a status from facebook, texting a message or even reading a blog or article.
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Apart from those kaomoji and emojis, here comes the newest style called as the decomail. Decomail is actually an English term which refers to decoration mail primarily devoted to the styling or polishing of a text using different sets of decoration such as animated images, emojis, banners and the like.

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