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The Difference Between Emojis and Emoticons Text messages and email have become the new standard in communicating whether for personal or work use. People, however, are genetically wired to listen and interpret facial expressions or voice tone. Emojis are pictures used in text-based electronic communication for the purpose of expressing concept or idea. Emoticons, on the other hand, are simply character formed to express an emotion. Emojis and emoticons have slight differences in meaning and history, although they are used in similar instances and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Using these symbols and graphics, feelings can be expressed and communicated. Instead of writing an entire message, a simple image or symbol of a smiling face already tells the recipient how you feel. Emoticons have been around longer than emojis. The origin of the term emoticon comes from the combination of the words “emotion icon”. They are used to express moods or emotions while sending an email, text message or in social media posts. Since electronic communication makes it harder to send across the right tone of voice or expression, an emoticon can be very useful in avoiding misinterpretation. Without an emoticon, the reader may understand your message in an different context. For example, a joke may sound offensive unless one adds an “:)” emoticon. There are many emoticons that you can use to express happiness, sadness, horror or disgust.
Emojis – Getting Started & Next Steps
It is a misconception that emojis and emoticons are the same. An emoticon paints your emotional state to your reader; an emoji, on the other hand, can already have a complete thought or meaning behind the image. Emojis focus more on complete ideas compared to simple emotions. Emoji means “picture character” and was originally used in Japan. Emojis utilize pictures or images of animals, nature, logos, transportation and many more.
What I Can Teach You About Emoticons
The database of characters specifically used for websites, text messages and mobile devices are monitored and maintained by an international organization called Unicode. Many technology companies adhere to this standard and utilizes it in their software and hardware products. Because of this standard, applications and software, computers and mobile devices can display and utilize these symbols as long as they are part of the industry standard. An emoticon can be created by typing keyboard character and the final symbol appears after pressing the space bar or the enter key. For mobile users, an emoji keyboard can be utilized to display and select an emoji. Emojis and emoticons can be useful to anyone who wants to deliver a message. These symbols and images are fun to use and can very effective when you want to relay an idea, concept or feeling without the need to write an entire sentence or phrase.

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