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How to Purchase the Best and the Right Data Logger It does not matter whether you are an experienced user of data logger or not, this article will help you find the best device for you. Below you will get to know the most essential factors to take into account when selecting your data logger together with the information on what features you need to find in a device like this. MEASUREMENT PERFORMANCE Whatever it is that you need to measure, it is very important that you know and understand about your own measurement accuracy requirements. In the case where you only need to measure the temperature if your office air conditioner, you may just have to require a +/- 2-degrees temperature measurement accuracy. But when you need to keep track of temperature-sensitive products, a device of far greater accuracy may be the one that you need. The same will apply if you are buying the data logging device for use in a research laboratory.
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Different data loggers do have their own specifications for accuracy. If you have a clear understanding on the accuracy requirements of the activities that you will do, you can prevent spending your hard-earned money for accuracy that will not be useful to you. When checking for the accuracy specifications of a particular data logging device, do not miss to look for charts that display all the information you need. Never rely on just one value.
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DATA LOGGER RESOLUTION The resolution of the data logger is the next important factor that you need to take into account in the device selection process. Resolution refers to the number of increments of a value which a data logger has the capability of report. For example, a data logger that comes with a 12-bit resolution may have the power to report 4,096 values over a particular temperature range. It is, however, essential to note down at this point that better resolution does not always mean better measurements. If you are not really sure of your resolution requirements, then asking an expert data logger supplier might do the job. DATA LOGGER’S DURABILITY As you move your way to purchasing a device for data logging, you have to do a check-up first on the conditions of the place where you are planning to utilize and store the device and to check the device’s ability to suit and adapt to such conditions. For instance, a data logger that has a hard plastic enclosure may be what you need if you have to conduct monitoring in an office hallway. This is so you can make use of the product longer.

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