Study: My Understanding of Anthropologists

Facts On Design Anthropology.

The combination of both design and anthropology used together is design anthropology. With this combination it becomes very difficult to understand how it should be done bringing the need to really understand it first. Design anthropology seeks to understand how design interprets human values into physical experiences. You will realize that this is a topic that people have different views on but the most important thing to know is that the end goal of this study is to understand how human beings function depending on their cultures and values.

All in all, the main purpose of this field is to find a way to solve issues in the world. Finding the solutions becomes much easier because of the relationship between anthropology and design because one is able to determine how people react and why they react the way they do. Because of this relationship it becomes easy to research and even later on develop something that can be delivered. It becomes easier to now figure out the problem in the world and to be able to deal with it.

How does it work? The first thing that is done to make sure of this is to consider both the anthropologist and the designer and determine what their roles are. Between the both of them they should be able to formulate a journey map so that they can know where they are going. The anthropologist will get tools from the designer to be able to represent their journey. The anthropologist on the other hand ensures that the story they are telling to their client is well visualized and actualized by the designer for the sake of presentation to the client.

Given the many uses design anthropology has, there is one that has a lot of focus on and it is to give findings that are well designed to its users or audience by the use of design. Different ways or methods are used while using anthropological approach and they include usability testing, ethnographic and diary studies. An anthropologist tries to put emphasis on putting on hold assumptions, putting on priority internal perspectives and identifying what individuals or a group is studying. For the purposes of understanding their target group, researchers have the mandate to collectively gather together the research. This has revolutionized an anthropologist reporting and presenting ways.

The challenges experienced with design anthropology are perceptions on what valid research is, science and data. How you manage challenges and thrive in producing the desired result is what makes the difference. A designer’s main challenge is only trying to grasp well what the anthropologist is trying to put across and this is the sole reason why the two should have a good relationship right from the start.

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