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A Brief Overview of Crystal Oscillators There are plenty of opportunities for quartz crystal devices in the industry at present. Crystals are used in so many gadgets and even telecommunications equipment. The U.S. Army was a forerunner in using crystals in communication. It revolutionized the way communication was conducted. With that was happening all around the world at that time, the radio communication industry flourished. The growth of the industry was crippled by the shortage of quartz at that time. Compared to its early stages, oscillator packages are smaller now but more effective. Although there is progress in the way oscillator packages are, their manufacturing process remains the same. Crystals undergo a meticulous process in order to produce new frequencies.
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In the 1990’s, there were some developments in the manufacturing process of programmable oscillators but it was never followed through. These developments didn’t do much to the manufacturing process.
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There are criteria based on science that says that each new frequency should use a new crystal. Because of the need to use so many crystals, there is a wide selection of electronic units that use these crystal frequencies today. There are details about temperature and frequencies that cause the quartz to be cut in different angles. There is a need to cut the crystal with varying levels of thickness and varying angles for each frequency created. A tour of a crystal oscillator factory can show you the immense amount of crystals being used in production. The norm for crystal oscillator factories is to follow a build-to-order process. The demand of quartz in the industry and the need for it for various products has made the development in production quite a feat. Due to technological advancements, hybrid oscillators are now being used. The “raw” devices are converted so as to adhere to customer preferences. Thus, there is a few weeks lead time needed to come up with an order. Because of better technology, orders can be made in a much shorter time. Temperature stability is the variation of the oscillator frequency in relation to the temperature. A change in temperature would typically be detected by the device and it will adjust the temperature accordingly. Changes in frequency happen over long periods of use. Frequency stability is required to account for this effect called aging. A very reliable packaging for the crystal is needed for quartz oscillators. This packaging is needed to prevent leaks from damaging the oscillator which impede it from functioning properly. Some seals that prevent leaks from happening are made out of ceramics or metal. Shock and vibration can also lead to the deterioration of oscillators. The oscillator has to be built a specific way to reduce or prevent shock and vibration. A good oscillator will also include a buffer that will help it transmit frequencies across a large range. This new generation of crystal oscillators offer very good performance as long as necessary measures are taken.

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