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What Are Lanyards And What Are They Used For

Office badges are mandatory nowadays.For this reason they have now made it mandatory for the office employees to wear ID card while entering the office premise. If any person still tries to break through, the security staff of the office will instantly get alerted and they can easily catch the person and this keeps their hands free and they can comfortably enter the office premise without wasting any time.Most commonly lanyards will be seen in offices and businesses as a way for employees to display their corporate ID cards – a lanyard is simply a strap, normally worn around the neck, and is most commonly used to carry identification. There are various types available in the market.As these strings are easier to be removed are ideal for holding different things.

There are many benefits of using lanyards.Let us know some significant benefits of using lanyards.

Ease of Use

People can easily detach things from the string to used them and attach them when uses are over. In this way, chances of losing things get reduced.People can face problems in such cases and the people who work on machine prefer breakaway lanyard to hold their identity card. Having a lanyard also allows you to easily wear your ID card whenever you enter the office premises.


Lanyards helps the security personnel identify if anyone entering the premises is authorised to do so as many businesses will issue visitor ID with a different coloured lanyard to those of their regular employee.


In addition to the designs that the ID card itself has, the lanyards can also be customised to match or reflect corporate colours or ID card designs.Occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or perhaps the commemoration of the number of years service an employee has given the company can all be marked and highlighted on company lanyards.For instance, employees in the finance department may wear green coloured lanyards, the ones in marketing may be wearing blue lanyards, and so forth.

Lanyards can also be popular as a promotional item for businesses, with lanyards capable of being printed in corporate colours and with a corporate logo at low cost.

It’s not just large corporate that will make use of lanyards, schools, universities and hospitals will often issue staff IDs carried on lanyards.

How to Purchase Quality LanyardsSo for those who think lanyards are just for holding the ID card of an employee in place, think again.

When we have discussed the importance of lanyards and its usage, let us now come to the way of purchasing it. Most of the online portals will charge you on the basis of the quantity of lanyards which you want to purchase and the more you purchase, lesser you will have to pay.

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