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The Ministry of Christian Renewal: A Quick Look on How We Can Renew Our Faith in the Lord – Find Help, Give Help

Whether you are an accomplished person or struggling to make it happen, we all feel human sometimes. We can’t always fight things our own way. We can sense the need to get help, to be feel renewed, to get someone to bring us up. Every day, we are suffering, fighting our own fights, tired. We might become fatigue while traveling this lonely road, but we have Someone out there, waiting for us. He is our savior, Jesus Christ. Only through Him you can experience a true Christian renewal in your life. Whether you have been down for many years, left out, cast out, and tired of fighting, we have Him to bring the fight to a success.

It is also our desire to help you to be freed from your struggles, to give your life an opportunity to renew things. We will help you and guide you as you trek the path to your destination in life and everything He has in store for you. Although we are always challenged from left and right by our enemies, we will not back down. We know that faith will not end, even if science and logic has been limited. Our faith are crucial to our souls’ survival in this earthly journey. It is through faith that we can walk above our own waters and cross our own red seas. It is through the Water from Rock Phoenix Bible Study Program that we can nourish and strengthen our faith. We encourage everyone to register and be part of this wonderful family of believers.

It is like taking a trip to the doctor’s office, you have to learn first your weaknesses. It is very important for you to know why in your life today you felt tired, disappointed, or discouraged. The moment you found out about the cause and effects of your weaknesses, then you have opened the doors to renewal. The moment you knew what your weaknesses are, it is also the moment that you are now ready to face the Lord again. He will gladly resupply your arms, your feet, your body, your heart and soul with the strength you will need. True Christian renewal happens in your heart, mind and soul by the workings of the Holy Spirit in you. All your pasts and guilt are gone away, never to be remembered again. It is this moment that you can enjoy what life is really about, because you are now a renewed person.

You will surely find rest here, something that you have never experienced yet before. Just like the scriptures say, you can’t enter rest if you haven’t found your peace, the peace in Him. Whether you are caught up in the business of life, meeting deadlines, fulfilling responsibilities, we are human and we need rest. A soul that is ready to take on any battle because you know you are strong in Him. This is your renewed life as a Christian.

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