If You Think You Understand Domains, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Information That You Need To Know About Domain Name And Hosting

Once you get into domain registrar, you will have a hard time as this place offers more than providing a domain name. Hosting offers can also be given by some. Knowing the differences and the relationship of these terms is crucial for you to be able to know what to do. These two products are totally different from each other but for some domain registrar, that are trying to bundle it up in order for them to earn. There are many people that get confused by this move.

Renting a folder on a computer which is connected on the internet is what you are basically do when you buy a website hosting. Your files will be kept online as well as away from any hackers but will let you pay a monthly or yearly fee when you purchase. Hosting your website yourself can be done by you but it would all be worth it if you will buy the product. It is never easy doing these tasks that is why you have to let the experts do it.

Knowing the relationship between web hosting and domain names should also be understood by you. It is in domain names that you will know the specific folder on a specific web server. Domain name can go without web hosting, so you can purchase them separately. There are people that already have a domain name before they have their very own website. Securing a name first is the best thing that you can do before anyone will take it.
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Not until you are able to make a site, the domain name will just point out a specific parked page. Until the very moment that you will be hosting your very own website, the domain registrar will hold a space for your name. This will signal other people that the name is not available anymore. The moment that you will have your website, you can now change your domain ad point it out to your site. Web hosting will not be needed anymore the moment that you will create more than one domain. This is the very reason why you will be needing to know two factors.
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having another website is the first thing that you should ask. It is these sites that will have different folders as well as different URL’s. There will be a need for two domains as you will be needing a separate folder for two websites.

Two domains that are pointing to the same website is another thing that you can also do. You can do this by purchasing two domains and juts let the URL point it out to the same website. You can do it by having two domains but having the exact folders and files. If these factors is what you need, then you will not be needing a web hosting anymore.

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