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Controlling Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as its name affects the bowel/the large intestines which is part of the digestive system and its role is to make as well as store stool and is likely to affect individuals between the age of twenty five to forty.

A condition by which the colon which is in charge of pushing digested materials becomes so much sensitive it is referred as Irritable bowel syndrome, this conditions effects cannot be estimated since it means that a whole system of digestion is in miscommunication.

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by a lot of complications in its signs and symptoms since they are always up and down this is because the condition is affected by communication which can happen anytime, individuals encounter a lot of difficulties in controling it.

The symptoms of this condition may also fluctuate depending on the individuals’ diet; most of the noted diet is alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods. Most of the gas producing foods such as cabbage, beans and nuts are also very common in causing this condition.

Severe diarrhea; the condition makes the individual to have a complicate diarrhea since it is severe at some times and then disappears by itself becoming hard to control since its unlikely to be predicted, the diarrhea mostly happens I the day time, people with Irritable bowel syndrome hardly get the diarrhea during the night.

Constipation is also very common with individuals suffering from this condition and happens mostly when the spasms hamper the movement of the waste.

Irritable bowel syndrome cause cramps and lower abdomen which normally happens after the patient takes a meal and stops after one had a bowel movement.

The treatment of Irritable bowel syndrome is done by change of lifestyle and the diet and understanding the condition, this is due to the fact that this condition is caused by diet related issue and by taking friendly foods to the condition one can eventually be able to control the condition.

One of the most foods used to control the condition are fibre which come in two forms the soluble and the insoluble fibre, soluble fibre dissolves in water while the insoluble fibre does not. One of the known food to contain soluble fibre is oats, bananas, apples, barley, carrots, potatoes, golden linseeds and rye and the insoluble fibre is found in as wholegrain bread, nuts, cereals and bran.
During a condition of diarrhea individuals are advised to take less soluble and take more soluble fibres.

Patients are also advised to avoid missing a meal so as to avoid the gaps caused in the digestive system also having regular meals is always a priority so as to keep the system occupied.

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