Why a Top Retained Search Firm Is More Effective Than Social Media

Some corporations, medical centers and educational institutions have tried to embrace the idea of using social media to recruit high-level candidates. Human resources managers know how active some of the sites are and hope to use this to their advantage. There are two main problems with this strategy. One is that it has no focus. It is likely to reach a large number of people who may apply for positions but aren’t truly qualified or wouldn’t be a good fit with the organization. The second problem is how many qualified people it doesn’t reach. Utilizing the services of a Top retained search is a smarter strategy.

Executive bankers and lawyers, information technology professionals and medical doctors typically aren’t spending a lot of time on social media. They’re too busy. They may not even be actively searching for a new position, although they’d be open to superb opportunities that arise. If these individuals do any online job search activity at all, they focus on websites that provide a high probability of locating those career advancement possibilities. They are significantly more likely to register with an executive recruitment firm than to monitor various social media pages of different organizations that may or may not post job listings. Many of these people prefer to have recruiters contact them with excellent opportunities instead of spending time going over executive-level job boards. Recruiters function as the middle person, streamlining the hiring process for organizations and the application process for candidates.

After registering with an agency such as Kaye/Bassman, a surgeon, actuary or database developer can concentrate on other aspects of life besides looking for new career advancement possibilities. These busy individuals know that they’ll be contacted when suitable positions become available. They always have the option to decline to apply for any position; in fact, headhunters are accustomed to hearing “no” most of the time. They know that for many executive workers are relatively satisfied in their current jobs but are open to considering something that is particularly intriguing, lucrative and rewarding. One day, they might answer a call from the agency and discover their dream job is on the horizon.

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