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The 6 Undeniable Benefits of Unlocking a Cell Phone

It is one thing to debate about the appropriateness of an unlocked cell phone and it is another to enjoy the benefits of one that has been reconfigured by a professional. Here are 6 top merits of unlocking your cell phone.

The principal reason why mobile carriers lock smartphones is to make sure that subscribers only use their costly services. The fact that you cannot change network operators with a locked device means that you will have to pay such costly rates until you find a solution. It is only after unlocking the device that you can change providers and get to pick one that suits your requirements. Many cell phone network providers dupe consumers by offering cheap handsets that come with certain user agreements. What many consumers don’t know is that such seemingly attractive deals are often costly in the long-run.

If you travel to a country that isn’t served by the network provider that sold you the device; you will experience difficulties. The only option in such instances is to part with huge amounts to be allowed to use their network while abroad. It is possible to avoid such problems by unlocking such a handset since you will only purchase a SIM card in your destination country and enjoy calling others.

If your phone is unlocked, you will get a fast buyer who will also meet your price expectations. It is also possible to sell your phone to an international buyer because the handset can be used all over the globe. It is also possible to give the phone out as a gift to someone whose network service carrier is different that the company you subscribe to.

The settings and applications that are often present in locked phones make it difficult to add anything you desire. However, it is by unlocking it that you will be in a position to customize its content in any way you find fit. Many locked devices come with bloatware that uses up a lot of your phone’s storage, slowing the working of the phone and making it impossible to download the stuff you enjoy.

You will incur heavy contract termination costs if your locked phone gets completely damaged or lost. Matters are worse if the contract is in its early stages because of the costly nature of the charges that may result. Well, that is not the case if you unlock the device since all you will do is purchase another cell phone with the cash you could have paid as contract termination fees.

The process of unlocking a handset is simple and cheap since it is based on IMEI unlock technology where codes issued by manufacturers are used. Since the cover of your device won’t require opening; its warranty will remain intact. No damage will come to your phone because no hardware or software will be used to unlock it.

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