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Improving Productivity Through Management Services A good manager considers getting his or her employees work effectively as one of the most challenging functions of being a manager. Any company would require its workforce to produce products and services in the most cost efficient and best quality way. The time and attendance system for the employees in a firm is one area of personnel management that would have a great impact on the overall efficiency and productivity of the company. There has to be a method set in your company to make your employees attend work at the agreed time and be efficient in their jobs. In the past, monitoring the in and out of an employee from the work place was done through a time clock machine. With this system, the worker punched his time car into the time clock whenever he goes in and out of the premise, and the payroll for the day was based on the tabulation on the time card. However, with the advancement in technology, available now are digital time clocks that would take over the old way. The new digital method works by having employees use a swipe card, or a pin number or biometric data using retinal scan or fingerprints, and the time would be added to the system. With the new digital system, the employees use a swipe card, pin number of biometric data like scanning the retina or fingerprints, and the information will be added to their time data. Since the adding up of time and pay is automatic, there is more accuracy favourable to both management and employees.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Businesses
One advantage of a biometric clock over a traditional time clock is that the employee cannot make a fast try to have another worker sign for them on their behalf. You can also monitor the honesty of your workforce by installing CCTV on the location.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Businesses
The challenges in the attendance system that was done by a team of staff before, has been improved and made efficient with the modern technology being adopted in a company. The modern time and attendance system not just improve accuracy and productivity, but also can provide information for other departments that would need the data immediately. The essence of biometric attendance system is based on face-recognition, meaning the machine can capture the facial features of the person. The machine store the facial details once collected, and when the worker comes back to the premise, the machine would compare the facial data and make a go or not of the match. It is worth to invest a biometric face-recognition system since it will have a great impact on the productivity and efficiency of your company, plus it is easy to install and has a low maintenance cost. The face recognition attendance system has many advantages for using in your premises. A disadvantage of the paper and pen system is having bundles of papers of which missing a single sheet for pause a headache in the accuracy of the data. The accuracy of biometric time attendance system is unquestionable since the face recognition time attendance system is incorporated in a digital clock that measures the time electronically, thus employees cannot change the time of the clock.

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